Business Change Assurance:


Business Process Testing

Business process-aligned QA solutions, built on our industry knowledge and library of domain test assets, that address your business objectives.

User Acceptance Testing

End-to-end testing of your applications that assure quality for the end user. 

Assurance for Blockchain 

Blockchain compliance and regulatory adherence ensure your applications meet industry and geo-specific regulations and compliance requirements.

Quality Insights

Build actionable insights into quality by using AI and machine learning capabilities. Integrated QA analytics across the software lifecycle enable early defect detection and test optimization. End user insights enrich existing business processes and help build superior products and services.


Automated Business Process Testing

Our business process-aligned automation uses a patented algorithm based on natural language processing for automated generation of test cases. 


In-Sprint Automation 

Our Scriptless Test Automation solution facilitates continuous testing of your mobile and web applications in DevOps and agile environments.


Bot-Assisted Testing 

Configurable robots for automated testing of human-machine and machine-machine interactions at the physical/digital boundary for IoT



Intelligent Automated QA

Custome Experience Assurance:


Performance Testing

Performance testing of your applications built on myriad technologies and integrated ecosystems for a seamless customer experience. 


Security Testing

SAST- and DAST-aligned assurance solutions that address the security and vulnerability requirements of digital ecosystems. 


Accessibility Testing

Validation of your user interface design and usability elements, including ease of navigation and omnichannel access to drive user adoption and advocacy.

Crowd-Sourced CX Assurance

Crowd-Sourced testing of end users’ experience, using our fastest platform for on-demand test services, tools, cloud-based device labs, IPs and test infrastructure.